How are you really doing?

How are you really doing?

Covid February 2020 first lockdown

 ‘oooh well, yes we are scared but we’ll be ok, it’ll pass in a month or so’  was what we all were thinking during the intelligent lockdown in the netherlands…

We all started to re-decorate our houses, clean out the closets, starting new hobbies, thinking about our shitty careers (nothing is refreshing as a lockdown tot reflect on your career choices and in that order: to figure out if your employer is a well thinking human being or not)

Meanwhile the world was going to shits, people got divided, politics went crazy, everybody got angry and sad it seemed.

During lockdown I’ve seen some great things too. The bar underneath my house turned into a gym, several people happily found new careers and our neighbour app was overflowing with comforting messages and helping hands. While I was asking for a less turbulent world and taking my responsebility it suddenly stopped within my walls and I am not sure how to feel about it.

Covid October 2020 second lockdown

No job (my former employer was not a well thinking human being), still teaching, discovered 4 new podcasts and youtube channels (where my moms at?, buzzfeed, timeline and every episode of 8 out of 10 cats with Jimmy Carr).

Doing my exercising with my WII, 1 covid test (negative, my great love got three, also negative), still painting, still recording, one flu, 25 letters of application, 24 rejections, 1 still open, a lot of unwashed dishes and here we are: I don’t know what to do.

Do I need to go back to my core? Be the creative entrepreneur (I really hate that word by the way) or try to fit in the ‘normal’ world? I’d love to fit in the ‘normal’ world but the ‘normal’ world is going nuts at the moment and the ‘normal’ world always seems to see me as: jeej we really like you! But we think you are overqualified and you’ll be bored so we don’t hire you. 

I still got some time left before it will get really horrible (wellfare) and I am actually very ok and calm, a bit tired but comfortable and feeling free after losing the (toxic)job.

Now you know how I am doing my question for you is: How are you really doing? Are you lonely? Are you mentally actually doing better? What did you discover about yourself during these months? What surprised you? I want to know <3

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  1. Hey! Eigenlijk vind ik het slow-living gevoel wel lekker… beetje rommelen met de kids ( alhoewel ik de toekomst voor hen wel angstig vind maar dat kan onderdrukt worden;-) ik krijg meer contact met mensen die ik niet in mn frontaal kwab had zitten en geniet van de nagenoeg vliegtuig loze hemel… kus!

  2. My lockdown started a couple of months earlier, after being diagnosed with Kahlers disease.
    My family and friends started socially distancing and washing their hands before coming near to me. But they could come and visit.
    Covid hit us in the week of my fiftieth birthday so no big party (not even a small one).
    Although my parents are in their seventies they never stopped visiting, but during the lockdown it was quite lonely. As a single I am used to being alone (which is not the same as being lonely), so at first it wasn’t too bad.
    Of course my treatment got delayed, but fortunately no more than six weeks. The treatment went very well but leading to my second treatment Covid infections started to rise again. This time the timeline was not adjusted and I’ve been recovering from the second treatment for six weeks now.
    As I’m physically regaining my strength I notice I’m getting indifferent. Why do this today, it will be there tomorrow and I’ll still be surrounded by the same four walls.
    Still I refuse to be negative! Lockdown and being ill have taught me to appreciate things more. Generally I have a pretty good life; the best parents, great friends, a nice job, a comfortable house, and much to look forward to.
    Being positive has helped me during my treatment, it will help me get through the lockdown. Try it!

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