Bregje Sanne Lacourt

I Sing In The Eye Of The Hurricane


Melancholy, the joy of life and self mockery are walking hand in hand. She describes her her life in detail with a mix of country, Folk & Blues what gives her music an American feel. Nashville but not Nashville.

Currently Bregje Sanne Lacourt is working on her second album ‘HURRICANE’, with the goal to be released next winter 2017



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Album ‘ The Keeper of Changing Winds’ – 2014

After many years of singing she decided to walk another path and it was a necessity to record her own songs without concessions, just pure from her head and heart.

In the summer of 2013 Bregje Sanne Lacourt gave the kick-off for her first full length album ‘The Keeper of Changing Winds’, together with her sound engineer and pseudo-brother Michel Ebben. The album was released in September 2014.

She received only positive Reviews which is quite exceptional in the Music Industry.

Influenced by Blues, Country and Folk the album contains 11 songs partly written with Michel, partly on her own and two covers. ‘Got to Go (Cancion Del Diablo)’ was written by Michel en ‘Walking back Home’ was written by renowned songwriter and artist Eric Taylor. ‘U Don’t Know‘ was released as first single in May 2014.
The choice to release Jim Croche’s ‘Time in a Bottle‘ as a second single after ‘U Don’t know’ while it is not on the album, had to do with the fact that Jagoda Bobrowska wanted to shoot the video for this song. Bregje recorded it for friends who were pregnant with their first child.

Yolet Luijendijk aka Tante Pollewop is a wonderful artist who worked very hard on the cover of this album. It is a pencil drawing of Bregje Sanne Lacourt together with the elements of the 4 seasons. Seasons mean change and being the ‘Keeper’ could mean that we are in control or we try to take control of these changes.
Richard Beukelaar was able to catch that same feeling but with a twist on camera for the songbook that soon will be available online and as merchandise at live shows.
Arie Verhaar on drums and Erik Versluis on bass are the foundation of most of the songs. Backingvocals were sung by Wies Peeters (Delouise), Marinka Stam (KaLuLu), Vera Jessen Juhrend (Sommerhus), Jesse Reece, Rias Baarda, Richard Beukelaar, Steven Rietveld and Michel Ebben.

Guestmusicians: Trumpet and Trombone by David Rockefeller (New Cool Collective), Double Base Picking and Striking by Peter Jessen (Sommerhus).
The Album was recorded at Tempting tunes Studio and mixed by John Vanderslice and Jacob Winik at the Tiny Telephone Studio in San Fransisco.
Tammo Kersbergen from I am Oak did the mastering for this album.