Bregje Sanne Lacourt

A Rotterdam (NL) based singer currently working on new songs after the release of ‘The Keeper of Changing Winds’ in 2014


Bregje is currently re-writing some yet to be released songs. The songs were supposed to be on the new album Hurricane but need some more work from different co-producers. Stay Tuned!


After more than 20 years of doing everything Bregje needed a break. Two years ago she started painting and is re-writing some old work but also making new music.

You might have seen her play at Songbird or as an opening act for Eric taylor or Frazey Ford

As a backingvocal for The Devil’s Blood(live) or all you need is love (tv)

You can also recognize her writing in songs released by Petra Berger of Valerio Scanu