A Rotterdam (NL) based singer  and songwriter currently working on new songs after the release of ‘The Keeper of Changing Winds’ in 2014

After a commercial career working with Talpa Music (Parto da Qui Valerio Scanu, In your eyes Petra Berger), EMI, writing, studiovocals and tv jobs Bregje made a switch to a genre not well known in the Netherlands, folk americana pop blues crossover.

You might have seen her play in the local bars or festivals like songbird, maybe found her on stage as a backing vocalist of the Devils blood on Graspop, zwarte cross and Hellfest or as opener for Eric Taylor and Frazey Ford.

It’s been quiet for some years but new material is coming from a whole different direction. Currently re-producing old songs with producer Annika Boxhoorn she found a darker side in her music. (Artwork Bregje Sanne Lacourt)

Creative thinking

Her brain is fast as a hurricane and always looking at the world from an unexpected perspective.

Not in a deep and philosophicall way but hands on and directly insertable for any kind of busines way. Connecting the dots and see whats missing or providing new directions to explore is what she’s known for.

Are you interested in more information or a cup of coffee to talk about your business and the hick ups you experience? You’re welcome to email Bregje


To find a new way of expressing herself in the years of no more music productions Bregje started painting.

In this proces she found herself making mistakes, fixing the mistakes and every painting shows progress. As a daughter of an artist and growing op with drawings and paintings from her mother (Joyce art and crafts) she discovered not only the soothing side of painting but also the joy of being in a proces again.


Teaching and coaching for 17 years Bregje is a high experienced vocal teacher.

Working with different technics she’ll guide you towards a healthy use of vocalcords and the right way to present yourself in a comfortable and secure way, work related, speaking in public or meetings.  For more information go to